Definitions of Grades:

A = Excellent work
(Demonstrating outstanding ability, comprehension and interpretation)

B =
Good work
(Demonstrating comprehensive knowledge of the content of the course)

= Acceptable work
(Demonstrating satisfactory knowledge of the content of the course)

= Less than acceptable work
(Demonstrating a lack of satisfactory knowledge of course content)

= Failure
(Fails to meet the minimum requirements of the course)

Grading Criteria:

Quality of Research: Are the research methods used by the student effectively chosen and implemented to arrive at successful solutions, and do they cover all aspects of the problem, including historical background and functional concerns?

Concept and Conceptual Development: Are concepts inventive and appropriate, show initiative on the part of the student, and do they satisfy the objectives of the stated problem? Is there a sufficient amount of conceptual work, such as sketches and drafts?

Attention to Detail: Does the solution reflect an appropriate and effective choice of medium, use of tools, techniques and materials, and is it presented in a professional manner?

Syntactic Quality of Work: Are all syntactic concerns-such as form, composition, and visual hierarchy-clearly and effectively articulated? Does the application of color support the message and satisfy aesthetic concerns? Is there an effective application of typography when appropriate? Does the student demonstrate the ability to represent shape and form in both two-and three dimensions at an acceptable skill level?

Semantic Quality of Work: Does the solution present an effective message-one that is appropriate for the intended audience?

Pragmatic Quality of Work: Does the solution function appropriately, and as intended?

Motivation: Does the student stay consistently motivated and on task throughout the process?

Meeting the Objectives of the Assignment: Does the student follow the project assignment in an appropriate manner, and does the solution meet the stated objectives?


Two late arrivals (15 min. or more) will be counted as an absence. If you are experiencing difficulties or feel you are falling behind, see your instructor immediately.

Assignments Policy

All assignments are due at scheduled deadline. Late assignments will not be accepted unless there are valid extenuating circumstances. All projects should be archived.


It is recommended that students purchase a portable firewire drive or make frequent CD/DVD backups. Please note that excuses for missing assignments because of lost files will not be accepted.


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