Course Details


INSTRUCTOR: Carla Gannis
SECTION 01: Mon. 6pm-10pm, 06/01/09-07/20/09 | SVA Room 212C
SECTION 02: Thur. 1:30pm-5pm, 06/04/09-07/24/09 SVA Room 206C
In this course, students will learn how to use the computer as a creative tool for 2-dimensional design and imaging. A variety of electronic imaging tools and techniques will be demonstrated and taught. Utilizing this knowledge and skill, students will explore, develop, and refine their own visual style, or “voice.” In addition to hands-on procedures and techniques, students will learn digital graphics concepts.

This course will entail (1) introduction to and analysis of contemporary digital art and design (2) exploration of the basic components of 2D digital art and design– text; vector and raster graphics; web and page layout, (3) in class assignments that involve digital techniques (as well as traditional methods when appropriate). Students will be encouraged to explore new aesthetic vocabularies using the tools of Photoshop and Illustrator. There will be workshop time for practice and to ask questions.


A key objective of this course is to help students develop and refine their own visual style while learning the concepts and skills of 2D digital design and imaging. Ultimately any digital tool, like an analog one, should be used as a means to an end in creative production – to convey a vital emotion, idea, or concept. Students will build on their existing aesthetic and conceptual foundations and will learn to implement their ideas with digital tools and techniques.

The following course outcomes indicate competencies and measurable skills that students develop as a result of completing this course: Creation of raster and vector imagery, and text. The ability to discuss and articulate concepts and options related to digital design and art creation

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