week 07

July 13, 2009

Open Workshop: Finish logo designs in Illustrator

Presentation: History of the WWW & brief Intro Terms: Site Maps, HTML, and CSS



Photoshop Automation & Web Presentations: Web Page Layout, Slicing, Linking,

Saving for Web: jpgs, gifs & png. Creating Web Ready Work.



Practice: see Week07WorkFiles

Open Workshop: creating a web page from homework assignment. Slicing. Saving for web and devices. Creating links. Previewing in a browser.

Homework wk07:

Finish web pages if not finished in class (and you have the appropriate software to work with).

Technique for Next Assignment – Read: Magazine Layout Tutorial: http://www.layersmagazine.com/magazine-cover-design-in-indesign.html (The assignment will be to revisit our Celebrity Composite Works from Week 04, you are now going to create a magazine cover (or inner spread that could be a profile piece) that incorporates your composite into a page layout – one that includes a masthead or header, tagline and body text. Over this week look at magazines and your favorite publications for inspiration.

Read:‘Farewell Information, It’s Media Age’ Saffo.pdf:  http://j-bel.net/sva/week06/Saffo.pdf & Interview with Joshua Davis: http://www.designmuseum.org/design/joshua-davis & http://www.fairspot.com/interview-with-hillman-curtis/ Before class next week, in 50 words or less, comment on these readings on our class blog in Week Seven.