Week 02

Student Presentations of Earlier Work

Review of Last Weeks’ Material

***PLEASE NOTE*** THIS IS NOW HOMEWORK FOR WEEK 02 >>>Resolution http://j-bel.net/sva/week03/Resolution.html

Photoshop Basics Cont’d: Making Selections, Transforming, Masking, Adjustment Layers

Practice: see Week02WorkFiles

Open Workshop: Iteration 02: Using the images that relate to your CONCEPT word, downloaded last week or brought in for this week, begin to work with more complex selections and layout of your images in a 4 x 5 in, 300 dpi, 5.15 MB document (using overlapping, transparency, alternative shapes to the images, etc)…

Homework wk02:
Read Resolution http://j-bel.net/sva/week03/Resolution.html
Read “The beauty of a form, although highly subjective, is an important consideration in the creation or evaluation of form. …Visually pleasing form (and perhaps ugly form) can enlighten and engage us in its message. …But aesthetics is only one among many considerations in creating expressive and informative form. The adage “form follows function” suggests that a form’s visual appearance should serve primarily to transmit information. (However this is often debated). The interplay between form and function can best be decided in the context of individual problems and their context.” …. “No formula exists to ensure that design fulfills the three primary functions (inform, enlighten, and persuade) yet is also visually pleasing, useful, and meaningful. …Designers are more than makers, observers, or controllers of information and ideas. At their best, designers are participants in the creation, critique and dissemination of culture.” (from Introduction to Two-Dimensional Design: Understanding Form and Function by John Bowers)

  • Based on the words above, find an advertisement this week that you feel is successful in terms of its form and function (this can be from a magazine, a photograph of a billboard in the city/on the subway, a screen grab from a film trailer on DVD playing on your computer, a downloaded jpg from the web, and/or a photograph of your TV screen during a commercial).
  • In 250-500 words explain why you find it compelling, and how it works as a successful design example for you.
  • Bring in your image and text next week to class.

For thought: http://www.yourpointofview.com/page03.html

Thoughts on the strength or simplicity of this campaign?

Version 2 Concept Word Examples:





One Response to Week 02

  1. Daniel Kimball says:

    I really like the metamorphosis piece here, there is effective use of light and its neat how you can make out the outline of the frog. Also, its right on point with the nature of the word, being that all the animals on it go through a distinct metamorphosis which is used in many metaphors as a symbol of transition.

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