week 05

June 29, 2009

Open Work Session: Celebrity Interaction Project

In Class Critique of Celebrity Interaction Project

Vector Graphics & Illustrator Basics:

Getting to know the work area.

Using tools and palettes.

Drawing shapes.

Creating a vector illustration with Illustrator.

Turning a hand-drawn image or photo into a vector graphic using the pen tool.

Practice: see Week05WorkFiles

Open Workshop: Choose one of the photographic images related to your Concept Collage from Week 02, and using Illustrator draw a representation of that image. You are in effect creating a simple line/shape version of the image. Work on 3 versions of your concept word based on material we have covered in class.

Homework wk05:

A. Personal Logo Design: Makes analog sketches of the initials of your first and last name. You can work with concepts like mirroring, repetition, distortion, & shape overlapping to create some kind of iconic representation of yourself.

Good Logo Design Tips:

  1. It’s describable
  2. It’s memorable (The simpler your logo is, the easier it is to remember and so it leaves a stronger impression on people)
  3. It’s effective without colour
  4. It’s scalable (i.e. works when just an inch in size)
  5. It’s appropriate (The viewers must have some idea about the disposition, character, or fundamental values of your company through your logo)

B. Choose two examples: one of a logo and logotype that you think is successful at conveying the concept & identity of the product or service it represents & two a logo and logotype that you think is unsuccessful or ill-conceived. Before class next week, in 50 words or less, explain and critique your choices on our class blog in Week Five. Please email me (before class next week) your two logo samples so that I can post to the blog.

Some Inspiration:




Mary Margaret


Yuko – http://www.pentagram.com/en/new/2009/02/new-work-the-museum-of-modern.php
…[this was] “helpful in explaining the relationship of logos to institutional branding / identity, and its versatility across different media, as well as showing how it [MoMA] was revamped and reworked in its graphic design projects.”





















FedEx Logo



kate spade

kate's paperie logo



Picture 2





week 04

June 22, 2009

Open Work Session – Finish Concept Word Project, versions 1 & 2

Concept Word Critiques

Review of Material Covered in Week 03

Photoshop Intermediate: Blending modes. Gamma and Color adjustments with adjustment layers, Retouching (see Week 03 Work files)

Open Workshop: Begin working on your Celebrity Composite Project – *Doc dimensions: 8 x 6 inches, 2400 x 1800 pixels, 300 ppi

Work on two versions: your first version will be your draft. The final version (due next week) should be realistic and look as if you are really interacting with the celebrity. Save these assignments as (lastName)_CelebCompos_v1.psd and …._v2.psd (ex. Smith_CelebCompos_v1.psd & Smith_CelebCompos_v2.psd)

Homework wk04: Read “The Politics of the Retouched Headshot” http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200810u/photo-retouching, “Designers of 2015 Trends” http://www.aiga.org/content.cfm/designer-of-2015-trends and “Vector Graphics” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vector_graphics . Before class next week, in 50 words or less, comment on this reading on our class blog in Week Four.

**AND apologies for the incorrect link last week to the reading. The correct link to the wikipedia entry is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Work_of_Art_in_the_Age_of_Mechanical_Reproduction

week 03

June 15, 2009

Photoshop Tool Panel and Workspace Cheat Sheets:
Click on image to view enlargement

Lecture: The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction/The Culture of the Copy:
See: http://j-bel.net/sva/week03/terms_OrigCopy.html

Review of Last Weeks’ Material: Image size, File size, Compression, Layer Masks
Finish Week02WorkFiles

Open Workshop: Finish your Concept Word Collages, iterations 1 and 2.

Photoshop Intermediate: Blending Modes, Masking, Manipulating and Recreating imagery in Photoshop. Gamma and Color adjustments with adjustment layers, Retouching
About Blending Modes:http://j-bel.net/sva/week03/Week03Notes/wk3Notes.html

Practice: see Week03WorkFiles

Homework wk03:

A. Collect a number of pictures (from magazines [to be scanned], the internet [please search the extra large image category], stock photos, or posters) of celebrities in different poses, the more we can see of the person and the higher the resolution of the image the better. Your “celebrity” can be an artist, actor, writer, politician, game designer, athlete, etc…

B.Take a photo of yourself (new for this project) in an activity (such as playing cards, basketball or running) and if you have access to a computer this week “Photoshop in” the celebrity. This first version will be a draft. Next week in class we will have an open workshop to work on these. The final version should be realistic and look as if you are really interacting with the celebrity.

Readings: “Computer Art” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Computer_art and “The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” (Wiki Description is all that is required however there is a link to the actual essay if you would like to read!) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Work_of_Art_in_the_Age_of_Mechanical_Reproduction

Before class (next meeting date), in 50 words or less, comment on these readings on our class blog in Week Three.

Celebrity Composite Student Examples:




Week 02

June 8, 2009

Student Presentations of Earlier Work

Review of Last Weeks’ Material

***PLEASE NOTE*** THIS IS NOW HOMEWORK FOR WEEK 02 >>>Resolution http://j-bel.net/sva/week03/Resolution.html

Photoshop Basics Cont’d: Making Selections, Transforming, Masking, Adjustment Layers

Practice: see Week02WorkFiles

Open Workshop: Iteration 02: Using the images that relate to your CONCEPT word, downloaded last week or brought in for this week, begin to work with more complex selections and layout of your images in a 4 x 5 in, 300 dpi, 5.15 MB document (using overlapping, transparency, alternative shapes to the images, etc)…

Homework wk02:
Read Resolution http://j-bel.net/sva/week03/Resolution.html
Read “The beauty of a form, although highly subjective, is an important consideration in the creation or evaluation of form. …Visually pleasing form (and perhaps ugly form) can enlighten and engage us in its message. …But aesthetics is only one among many considerations in creating expressive and informative form. The adage “form follows function” suggests that a form’s visual appearance should serve primarily to transmit information. (However this is often debated). The interplay between form and function can best be decided in the context of individual problems and their context.” …. “No formula exists to ensure that design fulfills the three primary functions (inform, enlighten, and persuade) yet is also visually pleasing, useful, and meaningful. …Designers are more than makers, observers, or controllers of information and ideas. At their best, designers are participants in the creation, critique and dissemination of culture.” (from Introduction to Two-Dimensional Design: Understanding Form and Function by John Bowers)

  • Based on the words above, find an advertisement this week that you feel is successful in terms of its form and function (this can be from a magazine, a photograph of a billboard in the city/on the subway, a screen grab from a film trailer on DVD playing on your computer, a downloaded jpg from the web, and/or a photograph of your TV screen during a commercial).
  • In 250-500 words explain why you find it compelling, and how it works as a successful design example for you.
  • Bring in your image and text next week to class.

For thought: http://www.yourpointofview.com/page03.html

Thoughts on the strength or simplicity of this campaign?

Version 2 Concept Word Examples: